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4 Bed, 2.50 Bath
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In Parma
4 Bed, 2.50 Bath
In Nampa



The December Real Estate Market Update:  

The Boise-area real estate market has peaked!

Actually, it peaked last May when average and median prices hit $683,677 and $595,000, but some succeding month's results were needed to prove it.  Since those results in May, and through December, the average and median prices have declined 12.3% and 12.6%.

This time last year, the real estate market was frenetic.  Days On Market were in the low teens, and offers were substantially above asking.  So, what's different now?  Not much. . .

. . . except for interest rates. But, rates continue to edge down.  They are currently at 6.285% for a 30 Year Fixed.

. . . remember, prices have dropped back down to June '21 levels

. . . there are over twice the number of homes on the market currently than there were last November, 
      selling has become competitve - a buyer's advantage.  57% of homes sold in December sold at less than the
      original asking price.

. . . lenders developed clever loan packages to off-set the rate increases.  Those offerings are still there. 
      Monthly payments can still be manageable

All the results through December can be found on the MARKET STATS page. 
Click on it in the column on the left 

Treasure Valley Relocation Guide
The biggest part of relocating is securing your landing spot. That’s not easy to do when you’re somewhere else, and unfamiliar with the new area. But, that’s why we’re here – to make sure you make a smooth landing. We’ve done this for clients before . . .a lot. So, start with our Boise (area) Relocation guide as your off-site orientation to the Treasure Valley. Then, call us to be your local market experts. We can begin to guide you through the process of finding your new home here. In the meantime see what the Treasure Valley has for YOU. Actually, EVERYTHING! - vibrant downtown, great restaurants, many and varied entertainment choices, Boise State University, miles and miles of biking/hiking trails, skiing at Bogus Basin, rafting on the Boise River, and much more . . .like we said, everything! Download our bookform .pdf
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