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The Value of a Realtor

We are RE/Max Realtors. Additionally, due to our knowledge and experience, we really can be considered your buying or selling consultants.

The knowledge and experience we provide to our clients is very valuable.  We assist in the negotiations that may be necessary to arrive at a mutually acceptable offer price.  Following that, we help with the negotiations that may be necessary to clear the remaining contingencies such as  property inspection, lender appraisal, etc.  Additionally, we know the critical issues involved in the transaction relating to lenders and title companies, and work with them as our client’s liaison.

We also will assist with arranging for other professionals who may be needed during the course of the transaction such as, a Home inspector, appraiser, electrician, plumber, mold remediation, painter, roofer, irrigation district, and whoever else might become necessary.

Our knowledge and experience is valuable because, over time, we have learned the ins and outs of the Treasure Valley’s neighborhoods and, with regard to individual properties, those features that add or reduce value.  We will consult with our clients, providing them with what we know about the extrinsic, and specific considerations.

With any client, our objective is to minimize risk, and maximize the client’s financial outcome.  Considering all the pitfalls that could arise along the critical path of the transaction, a Realtor’s assistance is a very beneficial service.




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